Podcast Editing Classes

Learn How to Edit Podcasts on Audacity

1-on-1 Coaching

Become a confident editor!

If you’re stuck in the learning process or finding editing on Audacity tedious, you just need the right guidance to help you get the most out of this amazing Digital Audio Workstation!

In my 1-on-1 class, I cover everything from the basics to advanced editing techniques on Audacity. Here are some of the things I can teach you if you’re seriously interested in learning to edit podcasts.

– Editing basics: Cutting, shifting, amplifying, fading, mixing, etc.
– Sound cleaning: Noise reduction, silencing, de-plosives, de-essing, etc.
– Sound enhancement: Compression, normalization, equalization, etc.
– Advanced sound restoration using plugins.
– Advice on audio recording best practices that makes editing easier

My goal is to make sure you have:

The ability to edit your own episode at an intermediate to advanced level
An understanding of the technical terms used by audio editors
A thorough knowledge of Audacity’s tools and interface
A good grasp of concepts like waveforms, spectrograms, perceived loudness, compression, normalization, EQ, etc.
Confidence in your own editing skill and an idea of how to keep improving.



Your purchase gets you:

1 – An hour-long class focused completely on editing in Audacity.
2 – Lessons customized to the client’s level of experience of editing.

No-Pressure Consult Call

This FREE consultation call helps me understand exactly what you’re looking for through these editing lessons.

Whether you need help with the technical side, or with speeding up your current workflow.

You may already know how to edit, but require in-depth lessons in audio restoration. Whatever your requirement, this call will help us get started on the right foot!

So. if you have questions about my coaching that isn’t covered above, feel free to book a date and time in the calendar linked below to talk to me directly!

There are NO stupid questions, so don’t hesitate!

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