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87. Park Hye-soo Bullying Allegations | Kim Eun-sook Ascending | Adversarial Banmal | Upcoming Shows Dramas Over Flowers

March is turning out to be a grim month in Dramaland – we recorded this episode just as the Park Hye-soo story broke, but you can be sure we'll be following up on the later stories (i.e. Ji-soo) in our future episodes. It's a lighter month at least for premieres – the highlight of which is Lee Min-ki's return to the screen with an equally oddball co-star, so let's hope that we can mine a bit of joy amid the midden. TIMESTAMPS: 02:00 You're Beautiful: email from Kristi 04:24 "Adversarial Banmal" 07:45 Park Hye-soo bullying allegations, Dear M postponed 23:13 Star writer Kim Eun-sook ascends to executive creator of new show 26:38 Mouse (see ep.85!) 27:04 Navillera 30:13 Monthly Magazine Home 35:00 Joseon Exorcist 40:55 Oh! Master (Oh My Ladylord) The banmal poll: Instructive reddit thread on Korean school bullying: Saya's wandering whirlwind review of February premieres: Anisa's delightful debut Drama Addict Diary: Paroma's video-review of Hello, Me (1-2): Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us at Our fantastique Patrons are: Egads, Steven, Lia W., Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Saoirse10, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi, Jojo, Rue, k8ekol, mindy, Liliana, Edyth, Marcia, unatuna, Dr. Chi, Lesley H, and newcomers to our Patreon family: G. K, Lynette, Vani, Helena, Staci, Hanna, Eazal, Natalie, Sarah H., Frances, David F. Thank you, and know that we love and appreciate you very much. ❤︎ Support us at, by leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice, OR simply by telling your friends. This podcast is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. Episode edited by Saya.
  1. 87. Park Hye-soo Bullying Allegations | Kim Eun-sook Ascending | Adversarial Banmal | Upcoming Shows
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This podcast is where it all started. Four years ago, I created it with two friends who live in different parts of the world. Once or twice a month we gathered around our microphones and recorded scratchy audio through VoIP calls. We did zoom podcasting before COVID made it popular.

It taught me to edit, to promote our episodes inside the niche where it would get most attention, and it taught us how to monetize a podcast with just 3000 downloads a month.

We decided early on that we’d only spend on the podcast what it earned. So, everything from hosting to buying our website happened only after our listeners began to support us.