The best podcasts emerge out of fun conversations with friends. I know, I run one.

But after the conversation comes hours of editing and wrestling with sound quality, and that is where a lot of good podcasts meet their end.

You can solve this by hiring an editorhopefully me! – or by learning how to edit in a way that takes a LOT of pain out of the process – hopefully from me!


Send me your recorded audio, your zoom files, your tapes of despair, and I’ll lovingly turn them into episodes your listeners will want to listen to! (Kidding. If they’ll be listening, it’s because you are awesome!)


Do you just want to turn up for the recording and want everything else to get magically taken care of? Well, I can’t promise spells, but provide a podcast launch package that holds your hand from inception to publishing the first 5 episodes. How does that sound?


You take pride in the episodes you create and want to be the one editing them. I understand. I feel that way about my own podcast. So, let me teach you how to edit an episode from scratch. I will clue you in on the best tips & tricks and be available to troubleshoot when you’re stuck!


Paroma offers expert, patient, and kind coaching for anyone developing podcast editing skills. She has mentored me in both audio and video editing and quickly brought me to a skill level where I can begin editing my podcast. She is pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, and skilled at trouble-shooting. Her encouragement has helped me build confidence. I highly recommend her! 

Helen Claire Harmon, Humans & Earth Podcast

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