“The best podcasts emerge out of fun conversations with friends. I know, I run one.”

– Paroma Chakravarty, Podcast Editor & Growth Strategist



Send me your recorded audio, your zoom files, your tapes of despair, and I’ll lovingly turn them into episodes your listeners will want to listen to! (Kidding. If they’ll be listening, it’s because you are awesome!)


Do you just want to turn up for the recording and want everything else to get magically taken care of? Well, I can’t promise spells, but provide a podcast launch package that holds your hand from inception to publishing the first 5 episodes. How does that sound?


You love creating your podcast, but there are questions about editing or growth that Google isn’t answering. I’ve been there! Let’s chat about what’s keeping you from blazing a trail to the Top 100s! I will clue you in on the best tips & tricks and be available to troubleshoot when you’re stuck!